Volume 5, Issue 8, August 2016

Table of Contents


Advanced Medical Image Compression with 2-D Maximum Entropy Method and Hybrid Compression Concepts  | 
A. J. Rajeswari Joe, N. Rama 1-7
Total views: 116
Dolly Shaped Patch Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth Implementing Reactive Impedance Surface and L Shaped Slots on Ground for UMTS (SATCOM) Application  | 
R. Gayathri, A. Gayathri 1-6
Total views: 86
Enhanced Software Puzzle with Client Puzzle Technique  | 
B. Rajiv, M. Vasanthi 1-6
Total views: 67
A Survey on Data Mining Techniques in Agriculture  | 
D. Sabareeswaran, A. Edwin Robert 1-6
Total views: 135