Volume 5, Issue 6, June 2016

Table of Contents


A Survey on Prediction of Brain Hemorrhage Using Various Techniques  | 
C. Dheeba, S. Vidhya 1-3
Total views: 152
Improved and Ensemble Methods for Time Series Classification with Cote  | 
S. Yamunadevi, K Sasi Kala Rani, M. Pavithra, M. Priyanga 1-9
Total views: 77
A Survey on Various Approaches for Taxonomy Construction  | 
S. Sritha, B. Mathumathi 1-6
Total views: 104
A Survey on Different Approaches for Sentiment Analysis of People  | 
T. SivaKumar, Amitha Joseph 1-4
Total views: 139
A Survey on Pseudonym Management Scheme in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks  | 
T. Sivakumar, A. S. Nidhin 1-4
Total views: 145